Newcomer (A1): Newcomers are aware of the potential of digital technologies for enhancing pedagogical and professional practice. However, they have had very little contact with digital technologies and use them mainly for lesson preparation, administration or organisational communication. Newcomers need guidance and encouragement to expand their repertoire and to apply their existing digital competence in the pedagogical realm.

Explorer (A2): Explorers are aware of the potential of digital technologies and are interested in exploring them to enhance pedagogical and professional practice. They have started using digital technologies in some areas of digital competence, without, however, following a comprehensive or consistent approach. Explorers need encouragement, insight and inspiration, e.g. through the example and guidance of colleagues, embedded in a collaborative exchange of practices. Integrator

(B1): Integrators experiment with digital technologies in a variety of contexts and for a range of purposes, integrating them into many of their practices. They creatively use them to enhance diverse aspects of their professional engagement. They are eager to expand their repertoire of practices. They are, however, still working on understanding which tools work best in which situations and on fitting digital technologies to pedagogic strategies and methods. Integrators just need some more time for experimentation and reflection, complemented by collaborative encouragement and knowledge exchange to become Experts.

Expert (B2): Experts use a range of digital technologies confidently, creatively and critically to enhance their professional activities. They purposefully select digital technologies for particular situations, and try to understand the benefits and drawbacks of different digital strategies. They are curious and open to new ideas, knowing that there are many things they have not tried out yet. They use experimentation as a means of expanding, structuring and consolidating their repertoire of strategies. Experts are the backbone of any educational organisation when it comes to innovating practice.

Leader (C1): Leaders have a consistent and comprehensive approach to using digital technologies to enhance pedagogic and professional practices. They rely on a broad repertoire of digital strategies from which they know how to choose the most appropriate for any given situation. They continuously reflect on and further develop their practices. Exchanging with peers, they keep updated on new developments and ideas. They are a source of inspiration for others, to whom they pass on their expertise.

Pioneer (C2): Pioneers question the adequacy of contemporary digital and pedagogical practices, of which they themselves are Leaders. They are concerned about the constraints or drawbacks of these practices and driven by the impulse to innovate education even further. Pioneers experiment with highly innovative and complex digital technologies and/ or develop novel pedagogical approaches. Pioneers are a unique and rare species. They lead innovation and are a role model for younger teachers.

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