Learning happens by doing and then reflecting on the experience, concluding, and planning what to do next in a continual loop.

What is reflection?

‘Reflection’ means trying to see your experience, in order to make sense of it and to identify what to do in the future. This does not have to be something you do on your own. Get feedback, from peers or from your tutor, are also important aspects of reflection in the learning cycle.

Questions to help you reflect:

Describe: What happened?
Feel: What were your feelings?
Evaluate: What was good about the experience? What problems did you have?
Analyse: Why did you have those problems? Did others have the same problems? What is their feedback?
Conclude: What general conclusions can you draw? What specific (personal) conclusions do you have?
Plan: What will you do to overcome the problems? What will you do differently next time?

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