Dear Isa,

I got a message that you’re turning eighteen next week. This is, of course, a special age, as you will be one of the adults. When you become an adult you have to make choices, these choices can sometimes be very difficult and we understand that. On behalf of the DLC company, I would like to invite you to take a look at our company next Friday 11-06-2024.

I think you already know something about our company, but here’s some additional information:

At DLC you can create a personal image of how you want to be seen in the outside world. You can choose between good features, bad features and all kinds of other powers. We understand that it will be difficult to make a choice and we give you half a year to make your choice. You have to make you’re final decision at 18-12-2024.

We give you five thousand euros to spend. This will be enough for a few good qualities. You can always bring your own money so you can buy more things that appeal to you. I do recommend this.

From my own experience, I have chosen most of them well, there are some things that I would have chosen differently now. So once again, don’t make your decisions to quick and talk to your family and friends about it.

Of course, today’s youth is often on social media: Instagram, Snapchat, facebook. These have a lot of positive aspects but also negative ones. We think that many people still don’t know what the dangers of the Internet are.

If you die, a lot of information about you will remain on the Internet. This is called your digital footprint legacy. You’ve dispersed this information in different ways and usually don’t even realise or remember having done that.

One of these ways are cookies, when you open a new site you will often get a page saying that you have to accept the cookies in order to continue. These cookies can actually follow you from site to site.

A perhaps well known example of this is advertisements of things that you last looked up or viewed.

Another subject is social media. Even if you have a private account there is a chance that all the comments, photos and videos you post can be made public. In the last few years you have had a social media button to indicate whether you want privacy protection. I will recommend that you always press this button.

I’ll say watch out what you put on the Internet and I’ll see you next Friday!

Kind regards,

Kate Baker (from DLC)

Sent on: 04-06-2024