The Sprint is the lesson series. Its time slot is 7 lessons of 60-75 minutes.

Lesson 1: Overall Check-In. Objectives: the WHY in curriculum strands, knowledge & skills. How & Why to Scrum in a “What’s-the’Next-Problem” collaborative research moethodology. 7 Scrums of 4 students, so 7 Research Questions. Information Hunt: reading & writing. Always Copy the Source. Information Sharing & Question Time: speaking. Sprint Planning Meeting of the 7 Scrum Teams: team formation, DO learning goals, work planning (Trello).

Lessons 1-3: Standup, RQ, DOING-DONE (the Flip on Trello) Info Hunt (reading & listening), Collect the Quote & Copy the Source (writing), Share the Source (speaking about what’s DONE and knowing what criteria hold when it is DONE), Q-Time.

Lessons 4-5: Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective making the end product

Lessons 6-7: Co-Teaching This Class. 3