The teacher has different roles:

  1. Product Owner is a servant leader to the Student Teams. As a teacher I determine WHAT NEEDS to be learned and WHAT COULD be learned. I set the learning objectives within the subject matter: in this case digital literacy for students of English. I monitor, evaluate, and assess the measurable educational results of the students. Prior to my lesson series of Scrums, I define acceptance criteria for grading, guidelines, rubrics and requirements. Then I try them out, and then improve on the quality of the whole educational process. These scrums I could co-teach with a Computer Science teacher in a cross-curricular approach later, or on my own. I can be product owner of multiple scrum teams in my classroom. This is why I set the classroom desks in groups of 3-4 always. This enables collaborative learning. Bjorn Hillebrandt, Master of Pedagogy, taught me to present an interactive powerpoint at the beginning of a lesson series, showing all the knowledge and skills students could learn, if they chose to. It starts with a choice and a question. An excellent tool to integrate your knowledge banks is ClassFlow;
  2. Coach who facilitates the learning process, provides learning materials, and examples, and answers questions.